31 May 2020

Star Wars D6 and Me

I suppose I ought to have posted this earlier this month (May the 4th?), or perhaps last year when I bought it (I think), but here is a nearly somewhat adequate photo of me holding the first Star Wars role-playing game I have ever purchased, the 30th anniversary reissue of the first edition of the original Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, on the day I bought it.

First published by West End Games, this reissue by Fantasy Flight Games includes the first two volumes in a slipcase, and is considered by many to be the greatest RPG adaptation of Star Wars. (There are those who consider Risus to be the greatest medium for Star Wars role-playing, albeit in an unofficial capacity, but I have not yet had the pleasure to test this equally plausible claim.) This is not a review, since I'm still awaiting the chance to play it, but I will say that I like what I've read.

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