10 January 2022

Table: Critical Ouchies

Tired of dealing with cumbersome critical hit tables that require you to consult a rule book or squint at the tiny text on a GM screen? Let the Critical Ouchies table make your life easier! It's just one simple table for all critical hits regardless of attack, defense, situation, or type of creature involved. Yes, the Critical Ouchies table solves all your problems across all game systems and genres. 1D6 is all you need. Roll now!

Critical Ouchies

Roll 1D6

1. Vision blurry, but you can see stars dancing around your head.
2. Bruised and dazed with little birdies flying around your head.
3. Knocked flat on your back with both feet extended into the air.
4. Reduced to a pile of ash and two blinking eyes (temporarily).
5. Reduced to a puff of smoke and the shoes you were wearing (temporarily).
6. Limbs, torso, and head separated (temporarily).


30 November 2021

Awfully Cheerful Engine! Facebook Group

Did you know there is a Facebook group for the Awfully Cheerful Engine!? Neither did I. But there is. And it's called Awfully Cheerful Engine!. I joined it a moment ago. I haven't explored it yet, but I hope to find in it a wealth of inspiration.

12 October 2021

Balancing a Budget Makes Me Feel Good

Sure Beats Working for a Living in Barking Alien raises some points on monetary motivations for player characters and mentions a new way to track the resources of a Ghostbusters franchise, which may be of interest to those who play the Ghostbusters role-playing game.

08 August 2021

Some Simple Six-Sider Systems

Two role-playing games of the d6 persuasion were recently made available and both are well worth examining. Behold!

Claytonian of Kill It With Fire! introduces us to 2d6 Everything, which boasts the But Actually System (a system I am strongly tempted to try in other games, too).

Jonathan Hicks of Farsight Blogger presents What's Up, Dudes? The Simple Sci-Fi Comedy Show RPG with Jokes ("actual comedy not guaranteed").

05 July 2021

Meet Your Calamity

To my knowledge — and I shall correct myself if I am mistaken — the first role-playing game to employ a wild die was Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game. Referred to as the "Ghost Die," it was included in every dice pool and bore the Ghostbusters insignia in place of the 6. Whenever a Ghost was rolled, something disadvantageous happened to the player character affected, regardless of whether the roll indicated success or failure and regardless of whether the roll was made by a player or the Ghostmaster. Other role-playing games would adapt this idea, referring to it as a Wild Die, Drama Die, etc. Some would assign the negative effect to the 1 instead of the 6; some would even add a positive effect to the 6. Some would include the wild die in the dice pool; others would make the wild die something to be rolled in addition to the dice pool. Many game systems have utilized the wild die in different and interesting ways, and the Awfully Cheerful Engine!, inspired as it is by Ghostbusters, has introduced its own innovations. Please meet the Calamity Die.

As with most other dice pool games, the Awfully Cheerful Engine! has assigned the negative effect (the "Calamity") to the 1 rather than the 6. Unlike Ghostbusters, the negative effect only takes effect if the roll is a failure, and it only effects the player character who rolled it. (I think this is a splendid decision.) The other difference here is that it is one's fellow players who dictate the nature of one's Calamity. Hopefully, this leads to hilarious or at least entertaining results befitting a comedy role-playing game, but if the players are reticent, I'm sure the Director (GM) can rise to the occasion.

Learn more about the Awfully Cheerful Engine! from EN Publishing.

09 June 2021

Awfully Cheerful Engine! Online Character Builder

My favorite role-playing games have quick and fun character creation rules. I prefer the process itself to be as enjoyable as possible, because in my opinion you have already started playing as soon you think about your character. Awfully Cheerful Engine! meets these criteria, and you can see how quick and fun it is with the Build a Hero! online character builder. Create a character from scratch with the tools provided or generate it randomly, then download your own ACE ID card. Free and easy.

The Awfully Cheerful Engine! Kickstarter project ends 18 June 2021.

29 May 2021

Awfully Cheerful Engine! Compatibility License

Returning to more cheerful news, one of the aspects of Awfully Cheerful Engine! I am excited about is its free compatibility license. Its terms are very generous, and it just might persuade me to publish my Ghostbusters adventures (with a few tweaks and name changes, of course). The license opens the door to many other possibilities as well. It's dizzying, really. It must be a revolving door.

You, too, can back the Awfully Cheerful Engine! on Kickstarter now until 18 June 2021.