10 January 2022

Table: Critical Ouchies

Tired of dealing with cumbersome critical hit tables that require you to consult a rule book or squint at the tiny text on a GM screen? Let the Critical Ouchies table make your life easier! It's just one simple table for all critical hits regardless of attack, defense, situation, or type of creature involved. Yes, the Critical Ouchies table solves all your problems across all game systems and genres. 1D6 is all you need. Roll now!

Critical Ouchies

Roll 1D6

1. Vision blurry, but you can see stars dancing around your head.
2. Bruised and dazed with little birdies flying around your head.
3. Knocked flat on your back with both feet extended into the air.
4. Reduced to a pile of ash and two blinking eyes (temporarily).
5. Reduced to a puff of smoke and the shoes you were wearing (temporarily).
6. Limbs, torso, and head separated (temporarily).


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