14 October 2020

Wholly Dice

I am predisposed to look favorably upon d6-centric games that use dice pools, but I have a strong preference for those that limit themselves to "whole dice," by which I mean, for instance, modifiers of +1D (+1d6) rather than +1. The Ghostbusters role-playing game is a perfect example of this. All of the Traits and Talents are whole dice. The D6 System games that followed would promptly change this by introducing fractional dice in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, and this would become the norm for the RPGs of West End Games. Most fans of the system probably don't care one way or another, but rules mechanics resolved with whole dice appeal to my sense of RPG aesthetics. It's clean. It's simple. It feels natural. If I can comfortably convert any D6 RPG to whole dice, I will gladly do so, and I will be much likelier to play or run such a game.

Occasionally, I wonder if Tunnels & Trolls could similarly be improved. It might be too radical an undertaking to convert the attributes, but perhaps the combat Adds could be transformed to whole dice. It's just a thought for now, but one I might revisit in the future.

If whole dice were to become a game design trend of epic proportions, I would welcome it wholeheartedly.

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