20 August 2018

The Aquabats Super Unofficial Super RPG Part 1: The Aquabats

The Aquabats have a VERY IMPORTANT KICKSTARTER PROJECT to #BringBackTheAquabats. You, too, can join the Legion of Righteous Comrades and help The Aquabats help the children help the world. You can also relive their adventures and more through the magic of Risus: The Anything RPG, a free game created by S. John Ross and subverted by me to produce something I am calling "The Aquabats Super Unofficial Super RPG." Starring The Aquabats.

Part 1

The Aquabats

On a mission to fight evil and destroy boredom!

The MC Bat Commander

Crime-Fighting Lead Singer of The Aquabats (3)
Fearless Leader and Chief Strategist (3)
All Around Swell Guy (3)
Battle Dancer (1)

Sidekick: Battletram, The Aquabats' Mobile Headquarters (3)

Hook: Insecure about his lack of superpowers.

Jimmy the Robot

Crime-Fighting Keyboardist of The Aquabats (3)
Team Scientist and Pillar of Logic (2)
Superpower: Is a Robot [3]

Hook: Confused by human emotions.

Crash McLarson

Crime-Fighting Bassist of The Aquabats (3)
Arguably a Big Strong Overgrown Baby (2)
Superpower: Becomes a Giant When Experiencing Stress [3]

Hook: Cowardly.

Ricky Fitness

Crime-Fighting Drummer of The Aquabats (3)
Handsome Healthy Lifestyle Role Model (2)
Superpower: Is Super Fast [3]

Hook: Distracted by feminine wiles.

EagleBones Falconhawk

Crime-Fighting Guitarist of The Aquabats (3)
Spiritual Visonary with the Gift of Second Sight (3)
Superpower: Laser-Shooting Electric Guitar (3)

Sidekick: "The Dude," an invisible spirit bird of prey, female (6)

Hook: Cocky. Sometimes a little too cocky.


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